The Thin King 7 inch

   GULL is the one man band solo project of Nathaniel Rappole. Yes, one man band, as in he plays guitar with his left hand, drums with his right, and sings through a telephone receiver embedded into a skull mask. GULL is a side venture for Rappole from his roles as the primary guitarist in Ultra Dolphins and behind the drums in Snack Truck. His unique blend of proggy classic rock and 90‘s Dischord-ish punk with Eastern vocal chants create a driving yet spacey atmosphere. Think Yes, Fugazi, Rush, and the Jesus Lizard locked up in a planetarium together.

This 7“ renders two songs recorded live and all at once, as well as a couple almost fully live space jams. (13 minutes total). All copies of The Thin King includes a code for MP3 download, as well as a video. Highly detailed cover artwork by Kevin Hooyman and insert are printed on fully recycled paper. Recorded by Steve Roche (Pink Razors, The Catalyst, FOOD) at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philly, PA from May 29th-31st, and mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.

“Shackleton“ video included in download content directed by Chad Middleton and recorded by Lance Koeler at Minimum Wage in Richmond, VA.

Pressing info:

2nd Pressing:
Opaque Yellow-200
Opaque Yellow w/Black -100

1st Pressing:
Forest Green-360 *SOLD OUT*
Sky Blue-58 *SOLD OUT*
Swamp Water Mix-73 *SOLD OUT*
Freak vinyl-10 *SOLD OUT*

GULL-The Thin King 7" w/MP3

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